Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kroger Social Social?

Kroger Social Social is a nationwide series of at-home celebrations, bringing together food and festivity. Each Social Social is hosted by YOU and supported by Our Brands

Our Brands provides you with all of the right ingredients for you to host each Social Social in the comfort of your own home. We’ll provide you with access to exclusive food & drink recipes, digital coupons, printable activities, curated music playlists and entertainment through video premieres of musical guest performers.

Hosted by YOU supported by Our Brands

How does it work?

Leading up to each new Social Social, we’ll kick off the festivities with sweepstakes/contests, sampling opportunities, and a video premiere of musical guest performances from artists across the nation.

From there, you’ll just need to download the current digital kit, tune in and enjoy the show!

How do I participate?

1. Visit and click the menu button

2. Existing Kroger Customers -> Login
OR New Kroger Customers -> Create an Account (It’s free!)

3. RSVP to our Social Social event to get updates on the latest news! (redirected to Facebook Event)

4. Download your free Digital Coupons & your free Digital Kit Playbook

5. Participate in contests to earn freebies, product sample giveaways, exclusive content, guest performances, and much more!

6. Tune in to watch the premiere of the Social Social musical performance on on the day of the event 

7. Invite your friends and family to this free event

8. Host your very own Social Social any time!

What’s the digital kit?

This is everything you need to host your own at-home Social Social celebration! We’ll provide you with your Social Social necessities from your grocery shopping list and digital coupons to easy-to-make appetizers or beverages to printable activities and curated playlists.

Does it cost me anything?

It’s 100% Free!

What are Kroger Our Brands?

Our Brands stretch from corner to corner in our stores, with over 10,000 items that families know they can trust. These are products you can only find at The Kroger Co. Family of Stores, and we stand behind each and every one of them with our quality guarantee.

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